Why You Should Include Turmeric in Your Diet

Why You Should Include Turmeric in Your Diet


Besides being a spice that is highly valued in the kitchen, it is considered a superfood thanks to its infinite health benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. It is also used to prevent cancer! This is stated by an article published in Advanced Experimental Medical Biology.


Modern science is publishing concrete evidence of turmeric’s status as a new superfood. Dr. Josh Axe, in his article “Ten Turmeric Benefits,” refers to turmeric as “potentially the most powerful plant on the planet in its power to fight and reverse disease.”


Turmeric is native to India, China, and the Middle East, where it is also known as a symbol associated with spirituality and prosperity, and it’s even used in alternative medicine treatments to treat rheumatic pain and relieve liver diseases.


Why is Turmeric one of our favorite spices?


At Laborejo we strongly believe in all its potential, so we are inspired by it to create our identity. Turmeric is a nutritious, vibrant, and eye-catching element that can’t go unnoticed … and that’s exactly how our options will be! In other words, at our lab you will find Nutritious Food Made for Your Senses.


Turmeric will be present in several of the options we’ve created for you; vegan options like our Beyond Gastro Burger, and we also use Turmeric in our Blends.


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