What Happens When You Go Vegan

What Happens When You Go Vegan

Becoming vegan not only brings health benefits for your body but also offers ethical and environmental benefits. All these benefits are well documented and we’ve listed them for you so that you can discover what really happens when you go vegan.


Fiber all the way!

Vegan meals generally include foods rich in fiber such as whole grains and starchy vegetables, and eating them regularly will naturally improve the digestive system.


Your risk of cardiovascular disease drops

Some studies suggest that those who follow a vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based diet have a decreased risk for heart disease. The study was small, comprised of about 100 people, so more research is needed. Still, it points to significant benefits from emphasizing fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods in our diets.


The appearance of your skin may improve

Reducing the consumption of processed meat and adding more fruits and vegetables can help clear up acne. 


You will probably lose some weight 

According to Mary Toscano, BDO Nutritionist & Contributor of BlackDoctor.org, it’s normal for some people to experience weight loss since entirely plant-based foods are naturally lower in calories. However, she remarks that this isn’t always the case since there are many other vegan foods that are high in saturated fats like french fries. The key is making the right choices and eating moderately.