Welcome to the First Gastrolab in Miami with Nutritious Food

Welcome to the First Gastrolab in Miami with Nutritious Food


Laborejo Restaurant is the first Bocas Group restaurant that offers a gastronomic proposal with 100% nutritious food. It’s an inclusive space where vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and diners who are looking for healthy options will find a delicious choice. 


Our restaurant was created in 2018 to respond to the need of the young American market to eat increasingly clean, natural, and nutritious food in order to produce more energy through what they eat, differentiating this concept from what currently exists in the Miami market.


Nutritious Food Made for Your Senses


Our flavors have been created to not only taste good but also to provide the body with the necessary energy for your everyday routine. We’ll be offering a menu mostly based on vegan options but you’ll have the choice to add fish to your dish if you wish to do so. 


Regarding our fish, they are “Best Choices” according to Seafood Watch®, a program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium that empowers consumers and businesses to make choices for healthy oceans, helping support diverse marine ecosystems for the future. Our fish are well managed and caught or farmed responsibly.


We’ll have a rotating seasonal menu that aims to be entirely vegan in the near future.


Laborejo Team


This is the first project where members of the Bocas Group staff have had an important role as partners and creative minds behind the brand, with the intention of consolidating the Corporation’s vision that all the members grow together as a team.


We promote a conscious and happier lifestyle, in which choosing sustainable food for our organism is necessary, as well as choosing the right relationships, activities, and mood to face everyday challenges in the best way. We are always trying to find the nutritious side of life. 


Love for animals, plurality of thought, personal choices, tolerance, caring for the environment, and the promotion of local and organic products is reflected in everything we do. We are committed to contributing to environmental conservation, which is why all our to-go packages are eco-friendly and our tableware is 100% handcrafted.