Reasons Why You Should Wear Vegan Makeup

The vegan lifestyle is becoming more and more popular thanks to those who have awakened their conscience and are committed to caring for the environment and the people around them. Vegan makeup is born from that intention!


Each person is free to decide if they want to use it or not, but today we’d like to highlight some of the reasons why you should be wearing vegan makeup:


It’s Cruelty-free

One of the pros of this type of makeup is that it is not tested on animals; they are not subjected to inhuman treatment that causes them pain or stress. We begin to live harmoniously with our fauna! You can recognize cruelty-free products by reading the label on the packaging.


It’s 100% Plant-based

Nature gives us options to look great! Ingredients that are beneficial for the skin’s health are chosen, such as essential oils, herbs and natural pigments. Stop using toxic ingredients, chemicals, and allergens!


Eco-friendly and Sustainable Production 

The brands that sell makeup are becoming aware of their production processes, and they’ve increasingly considered options that allow them to obtain high quality products, which in turn allow them to stay longer on the market, without harming the ecosystem.


Every day, there are more and more brands with vegan makeup options and brushes, such as Kat Von D Beauty, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Eco Tools y ELF Cosmetics. How about you, would you give this eco-friendly trend a chance?