5 Things You Can Do During the Holidays at Laborejo Restaurant

1. Come have Breakfast with us!

We have healthy breakfast options for everyone! Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, fitness enthusiast or not, our 20+ dishes will become some of your favorites. Don’t forget to ask about our vegan options. Check out our menus, here.


2. Try our new menu options.

We’ve recently renewed our menus and we are eager for you to enjoy our new additions. We offer a variety of dishes ranging from 3.5 to 22, from healthy Lasagna to Bowls with Chicken, Salmon, or Tenderloin, to delicious Rolls. Ask about our gluten-free options. Check out our menus, here.

3. Vegan and healthy holiday food.

You can order our Whole Wheat Pan de Jamón for $24! It has reduced sodium Turkey Ham, It’s sugar free, dairy free, and it’s made with Chía Seeds.

To keep enjoying traditional Venezuelan holiday food, you can ask for our vegan Hallacas, which are made only with organic ingredients. The price is $12 per unit.

To make your order, please email us at [email protected]

4. Celebrate your corporate events or birthday at our GastroLab.

Our venue has a seating capacity of 60 people, which makes it perfect to celebrate a breakfast meeting or a launch event. Our staff will make sure to provide the best dining experience for you and your guests. Oh, and we also cater our healthy options for your special celebrations! To book for your celebration or to hire our catering service, click here.

5. Try our desserts!

We have added some delicious desserts to our menus. You can now enjoy our Blameless Carrot Cake, which is sugar free, served with vegan Ice Cream. If you’re a chocolate lover, you can’t miss out on our Blameless Sweet Potato Brownie, also served with vegan Ice Cream.

Join us and let’s have a blast this season!